What is Planet Price?

Planet Price is an index that measures the societal cost of products and services used in business operations. It considers multiple impacts, including greenhouse gasses, land and water use, smog, ozone emissions and the affect of other pollutants on human health.

How does it work?

Planet Price analyses data from your procurement system and maps it to environmental impact databases. The algorithm calculates the total societal cost resulting from every dollar of procurement spend.

How can I use Planet Price?

Using Planet Price you can analyse your entire corporate spend to understand the full impact of your procurement activities. The Planet Price tool provides granular dashboards and visualisations to allow you to explore and analyse this data for spend categories and suppliers.

Why use Planet Price?

Planet Price helps you to set targets and track reduction in Scope 3 impacts, demonstrate sustainability leadership and supports the Un Sustainable Development Goals.

What is involved in a free trial?

There is no cost or commitment for trialling Planet Price. We will work with you to analyse your data and help you interpret the results.

What data is required?

A few fields from your accounts payable and procurement tables are needed for the analysis. These can be supplied as a simple CSV text file.

How will my data be protected?

All client data is kept in strict confidence and will never be shared with any third parties. We are happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Who is Planet Price?

Planet Price is a “for influence” start-up with a mission to help large organisations reduce the impact of their operations on People and the Planet. Find out more about our story here.