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Tread Lightly Assessments

Struggling with

Scope 3 reporting?

Don’t know where to start with

Sustainable Procurement?

Looking for ways to become

more Circular?

Planet Price Tread Lightly Assessments quickly and cost-effectively answer all of these questions and more!

Tread Lightly Assessments

A top-down analysis of your organisation’s procurement data to provide a granular heatmap across a variety of Planet Price dimensions including Upstream Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions.

What does the assessment process involve?

Tread Lightly Assessments require minimal work from your side with results delivered in 2 weeks.

1. Import data

Simple CSV extract file from your procurement system

2. Automatic analysis

Your data will automatically be analysed using the Planet Price algorithm

3. Explore your data

We’ll walk you through your data then leave you to explore in the platform.

4. Export results

All results, including Scope 3 CO2 emissions, can be exported to support a variety of initiatives.

What will we get?

Tread Lightly Assessments provide you with all of these benefits:

Scope 3 CO2

Automatic calculation of Upstream Scope 3 CO2 emissions

Spend heat maps

Identify sustainability hotspots by Category and Supplier

Multi-impact footprint analysis

Understand your Planet Price across 9 impacts

Platform access

Explore your data in the Planet Price platform

Granular results

Export data across all dimensions

Get an assessment
Get an assessment