Sustainable Procurement Analytics

What is Planet Price?

Everything has a price, but the real cost for people and the planet is often much higher. Without a way of putting a price on these hidden externalities, businesses cannot become truly sustainable.

Planet Price is an index that measures the total environmental and social impact (Societal cost) of products & services used in business operations. The Planet Price algorithm combines Procurement Data, Machine Learning, Environmental and Social Impact Analysis and Natural Capital Accounting methods. 

Planet Price provides a single metric, expressed monetarily, to help large organisations reduce the impact of their supply chains and make more sustainable procurement decisions. Planet Price considers the full range of environmental and social impacts (not just greenhouse gasses), including water and land use, smog, ozone and other pollutants.

“Until management gives us a KPI to measure, procurement teams are not going to change”

Procurement Professional, Global Mining Company

Planet Price Platform Demonstration

How does Planet Price work?

The Planet Price platform provides powerful features to streamline your supply chain and procurement analytics:

  • Quantify sustainable procurement decisions
  • Automatically calculate your Scope 3 impact
  • Considers CO2, water, land, human health and more
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • No data entry
  • Modern Cloud platform


Planet Price Product Calculator

Dive deeper into the Planet Price interface

The Planet Price Product Calculator offers organisations a powerful tool that transforms procurement decisions.